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                     TDA - 3rd place
                         217 B & C

(We Sell Deer)

Vaquero Ranch started breeding just a “few” whitetail deer in 2003, and today has established its own Vaquero bloodline, breeding over 100 does per year. The foundation stock came from Buddy Jordan, Paco Deer Company; Gene Gonzales and Lee Wheeler. In 2005, Vaquero Ranch entered its own “Tyrone” pictured at the left in the Texas Deer Associations’ annual shed contest, and won third place for a 3 year old non-typical at 217 B&C.

Today, the ranch scientific breeding operation offers for sale Breeder Bucks, open and bred does and fawns. We handle all transportation required in our totally air-conditioned trailer guaranteeing live delivery to your ranch. All deer are DNA and registered or subject to registration. Deer Breed Permit No. 1933, CWD Monitored 2005, certified and accredited.

Note:  All pictures were taken in September 2006. September 2007 pictures are forthcoming.


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